Kristin Boese (Germany)
Kristin is the 2007 KPWT women's world champion and holds many PKRA wins. And, she recently posed for Playboy!

Sjoukje Bredenkamp (South Africa)
Sjoukje is South Africa's hottest export. She also dominates in all areas of kiteboarding and holds a women's speed record.

Jalou Langeree (Netherlands)
Sister of Kevin Langeree, Jalou is the Netherland's hottest export. She's a regular on the PKRA tour and holds several 2nd places.

Susi Mai (Dominican Republic)
Susi is a regular on the PKRA tour, and a Cabrinha international team rider.

Bruna Kajiya (Brazil)
A regular on the PKRA tour, and one of the few girls that can really hang with the boys, do kiteloops and handle passes.

Angela Peral (Spain)
Angela is a windsurfer, kiter and surfer and had a 5th place on the PKRA tour in 2005.

Kari Schibevaag (Norway)
Kari is one of the hottest new riders on the PKRA tour.