I had wanted to visit Monte Cristi for some time but it was difficult to leave the perfect wind, food, parties and easy living in Cabarete. I had talked with Dave and Christi for a while about making the trip, and the wind forecast looked solid and we had the time to make the trip. Getting out of cabarete proved difficult as our gear got locked inside the LEK school, along with Jacobs apartment keys, and we managed to lose the key to the school! The school opened up the next morning and we made the drive.

It was an easy 4 hour drive to Monte Cristi, other than the dip we hit at 50 mph. There's pot holes that will swallow your car while littered along the whole drive. We arrived in Monte Cristi around 2, just in time for a great session at La Granja, the cove right outside the town.

Some shots from the session, it was a clean 18 knots until the sun set.

Kite_nomad and Christi

Dave flying high

The next day we headed to the beach about 30 minutes out of town, Playa Popa. This was an amazing spot with very different scenery than anything else I had seen in the Dominican. Great wind but pretty choppy water. We didn't see any other kitters on this whole trip.



Some scenery on the drive to the beach

We read about an open market in Dajabon, on the border of Hati and the DR, and some other travellers recommended we check it out. It only runs on the weekends, proved to be a very surreal experience.

After 4 days of kitting in Monte Cristi we headed back to Cabarete to bunker down for the hurricane that brushed past us. A few days later we rappeled down some waterfalls with Merijn of Kitters of the Caribbean.

An amazing few weeks in the DR, can't wait to get back!