Sun. Scorching sun. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to sit so that it does not touch my skin. Its rays burn my arms, my legs. My hair for sure will get even more golden highlights than before… but I don’t mind. How could I mind when I look around and all I can see is beautiful white sand, crystal clear blue water, crabs, birds, a few bushes, one little tree and nothing, NOTHING else? When you are in paradise, a few sunburns seem a fair price to pay.

Seco Island on Philippines is a small piece of land in the middle of the sea, about 3 hours boat ride from the mainland. It is just a sandbank really, about 400m long and maybe 100m wide, but the most amazing thing is that it’s completely wild, with no houses or any other traces of civilization whatsoever. A few kitesurfers who, just like us, have wandered into this desert place at some point have built small shelters, but they are just some palm leafs tied together and supported by two or three bamboo poles… on the island there is no electricity, no cell reception, nothing. The nuclear bomb could shred apart half of the world, a war could break out, aliens could land on Earth and conquer us all and you wouldn’t even know. This is amazing and I love it. I love the feeling of being independent, of being my own, of not having to care about anything besides food, water and… kitesurfing.

Seco Island is a perfect place to kitesurf, as over there you get consistent winds and flat water. On one side of the island, where you have offshore wind, the water is butterflat and on the other side you get small to medium kickers which can provide endless fun as well :) If you wish, you can kitesurf around the whole island in circles, it is just 400m wide after all… It’s a perfect place to progress and try new tricks and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing during our 3 days long stay there. I have a feeling I’ve learned a lot! In the mornings sometimes there are jellyfish on the onshore-wind side of the island, but as long as you stay on the butterflat side you will not get burned…

If I wasn’t riding, I spent my time filming and the results you can see below:

Seco Island trips can be organized through a few schools on Boracay, so if you ever wander into Philippines you just HAVE to go. If not, you will miss seeing a piece of paradise and let’s be honest – what could be more amazing than becoming a real Robinson Crusoe for a couple of days?

may wind be with you,

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