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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 13:37

by Reto Guler I wanted adventure and thrill. I realized this the second day in Madagascar when my taxi driver told me at three in the morning to push the car as his battery was broken. After 4 hours of pushing I finally decided to walk to the beach which took me another hour. So it all started and I fell in love with this country. I soon realize that traveling alone with no reservation and 40 kilograms of kite equipment became a great adventure. Madagascar is a very big country with less than 25 % of the roads paved and those paved ones are in a very bad shape. You can travel with 14 seater-minivans which is a lot of fun since you feel like a trapped sardine with 30 other locals. Otherwise you can also fly within the country. I started my trip all in the North close to Diego Suarez. The wind in the Baie de Sakalava blows every day with an average of 30 knots. It is fantastic for big huge jumps and there are also some waves out there. You can also take a one hour fishermen's boat trip to Mer d’Emauralde. It is a small island with beautiful smooth waves and strong wind. After narrowly escaping the crazy girls in the nightclubs of Diego Suarez, I decided to visit the quiet national parks with their bizarre landscapes and sweet lemurs. After two boat trips and a six hour packed hardcore minivan trip I finally arrived to Nosy Komba (close to Nosy Be). Nice flat water and light wind was fun for freestyle. The whole village was watching me kiting. Tired of hardcore traveling I decided to fly to the south. Kiting in Fort Dauphin next to and old shipwreck was really exciting. On the beach I was approached by a Malgache guide who promised to take me to the beautiful Lokaro beach the next day. After 3 hours of rowing and about one hour of walking with 40 kilos of kite equipment we finally arrived at the beach. Alternatively you can go with 4x4 which will cost you more. I slept in Evatra, a little fishermen's village with no running water, no electricity and chickens running all over the place. Make sure to give the guide the money after the trip. My guide was completely drunk during the night and he woke me up several times during the night to ask for more money. The next day we only left very late since my guide was babalas and again we had to carry our equipment. This time it was raining like crazy and all my travel clothes was soaked. So I decided to fly to Tulear to dry my clothes and to kite in the beautiful island of Nosy Ve which you can reach with a fishermen's boat from Anakao. The famous Flameballs reef break is also out there if you love surfing. Madagascar is a great country to explore. Don’t forget to learn some French before you leave and take your Lonely Planet guide with you. Madagascar I will never forget you. In love, Reto....

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 13:30

Here's a collection of Stand Up Paddle Surf Dogs I found on flickr. I'm currently in the process of training my own dog (Sharky) to tackle a couple of waves on the SUP with me. It just goes to show what an amazing sport Stand Up Paddle Surfing is. It really is addictive, and something you can do with the whole family - dogs included! ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:57

By Greg Bertish It was as if I had arrived in a far away land! The smell of spices in the air, the rickety roads full of pot holes and flustered chickens squawking for cover, the little roadside villages full of vibrant everyday tropical life, and that feeling! You know the one, the feeling of adventure and excitement. The feeling we all dream of as we sit at our office desks or in bumper to bumper traffic on our drive to work. The dream feeling of wind in your hair, salt on your skin, sun on your face and tropical wind and waves across a white sand beach. So…..To get from there (your mundane everyday office desk or morning traffic jam), to here (this Dream Island), takes a lot of effort and a secret recipe…… Yes, when I was younger, faster and free it was easy to throw on a back pack, put a kite and board under my arm and blow this joint at a whim or at any last minute invite…. But now it aint that easy….. And I don’t even have a wife and kids ( just yet). So how do you sell this kiteboarding, surfing adventure to your better half or family for that matter! Actually that’s NO Problem if you do it just right! Mauritius has always been the South African (poor mans) Hawaii! And yes its had a bad rap from Adventure travellers like me, who have always seen it as a cop out, a tourist trap and an “all inclusive resort package holiday”! But hell, so what! Now ive done it and guess what? It was bloody fantastic! And this is the perfect angle and destination to get her ( the family) into loving going on holiday with you to Kite and surf destinations. “ Honey, come away with me to a beautiful Tropical Island; only a short flight away; on the beach; warm , clear water, buffet meals; all inclusive land and water sports; GYM, SPA, MASSAGE, KIDDIES CLUB and Facilities………………… and read the small print “cooking surf and world class kiteboarding!” PARDON! SOLD! Thank you very much. Anyway, as my story was going (and what you will soon experience)…. I arrived in this far away land and was heading south with may gal, in our little island rental car piled high with surf and kite toys. On thru the little fishing villages we scrambled, over bridges, around mountains , through tunnels and then out into the bays. Beaches lined with Palm and Horse tail fir trees, and grass down to the water or tropical sand. Small islands, point breaks , beautiful little reef setups, a lagoon with water as clear as crystal. I could feel the pulse of the ocean , and my blood and adrenaline began to boil and splutter with excitement and anticipation. My girlfriends eyes were alight and sparkling blue, as we pulled up at the INDIAN RESORT, the signs displaying SPA, JACUZZI, MASSAGE clearly evoked the same stimulation in her as the sight of the ocean had done to me. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the secret. You see, we as kiters, surfers and adventurers, we know the feeling! The call of the “wild” (the call of the ocean, the wind and the waves). We know what that does to us, how that dream entices and lures us away from our 9 to 5 everyday monotony. We know the feeling , and desire that will offer us no hesitation in dropping a few Gs , and taking a week (cos that’s all you need) and just going kiting at the drop of the notion of scoring Big Air, blistering runs or deep throaty barrels. But you see, your other half and your family don’t know this feeling. And that is why so many avid kiteboarders and surfers, fall by the wayside, and NEVER get to experience the magic of Mauritius. (or any other tropical location for that matter) So here I am (sorry) here we are…….. On the beach, Spa, Jacuzzi, Massages, palm trees, white sand, warm crystal water, love, romance, quality time………… yaaaaah and the honking 20 knot cross shore and perfect 4 foot lefts peeling across the horizon! Balance, Boyz Balance. Remember what you put in now, you will get out again tomorrow. I calculate and weigh it all up; time 4.45 pm I still need to unpack my kit, put in fins etc, pump up, and get on the water……hmmm, that means ill only get in the water at 530 pm for a rushed hour if imp lucky. And where will that leave me with the lady? Not happy, off to a bad start already. So balance and calm is needed…… never easy when conditions are so good. But necessary right now. So, cocktails by the pool, a dip or two, a sunset to die for doll, and a little lovin before a romantic dinner for two on the terrace over looking the beach. Not half bad actually! Fast forward >>>>>>>>>>>> 640 am the next morning. I’m in my rashie, surfboard waxed already. Binocs in hand, I pan the horizon and the lineup. Clean, glassy four to five foot. It’s my time! A sweet note on the bedside table, a peck on the cheek of my sleeping princess and i'm gone mate! The beach is still, the sun glimmers over the lagoon and reef and as I paddle, small reef fish dart at every stroke. Three guys out. Locals! “Bonjour, bonjour messieur” I greet as I enter the line-up. Not too friendly, but lets just say we get on amicably and a great uncrowded, barrel filled session is enjoyed by me. Yes please, island coffee and a full buffet breakfast…… that’s what I'm thinking about as start my paddle back to shore two hours later. 9.28 am. I’m showered and just in time to join my beauty at the breakfast table. Almost an hour later, feeling very hearty and pretty damn fine, we stroll back to the room to don the cozzies, and collect our books and the goggles. Yes, balance and foresight my friends. Balance and foresight! You see as we wandered back from breakfast, unbeknownst to my love, my eyes had seen the coming of the South Wester. Just a ruffle, just a breeze, unfelt by mere mortals, unnoticed by most, but enough to get the juices of any kiter going. Now generally id be off, to hone my tools, set my lines and ready my ride…. But this is not the time to lose the focus. I stay sharp, I time my play. A little bit of lotion, a little bit of sun. A swim in the pool and a stroll down the beach and even a snorkel in the bay. She is happy, she is smiley, she is loving this place and she is putty in my hands. Almost lunch time, almost my time. The ocean is stirring the wind is brewing. A lekker lunch of Mauritian style and proportions. And now is when I play my second hand. I merely suggest that the wind might be good soon and I may go for a kite after lunch. If I do go, I suggest that she goes over to the Spa, as I saw they were offering a special on the Mauritian Massage – and the treat would be on me. Fantastic!…… done deal, I’m her hero, “wow thank you so much!” The afternoon is mine. Seven days of Balance, equalled seven days of epic kiting and surfing for me. I even scored two sessions at the infamous Tamarin Bay; 4 to 6 foot with 5 guys out…Epic! So that boys and girls is how you play it. For a holiday with your non surfing or kiting partner or family, this is how it must me done. Get them passionate about your passion or the place that best suits your passion. This is the secret recipe to your future kite and surf holidays. WHY MAURITIUS!? 7 Nights all inclusive from around R10 000 p/p/s Only 4 hrs from SA (Direct flights from CPT/DRB/JHB) BEST MONTHS: From April till Nov is best for both consistent wind and waves (but this is a year round destination) SURFING: world class waves directly in front of your resort (One eye Reef) as well as the infamous Tamarin Bay and other fun waves close by. KITEBOARDING: The Kiting conditions here are perfect! Or as close to perfect as I have ever experienced! Amazingly consistent cross shore winds, that blow between March and Nov/Dec at an average of 15 to 20 knots nearly every afternoon. A launch site just down the beach or directly in front of your room (depending on the resort you choose). Flat, waist to chest deep water for hundreds of meters, and then perfect peeling left handers (and rights) wrapping and rolling down the point. So if you’re a Master blaster or total beginner , you will be all set here in southern Mauritius. I met beginners from Europe and Pros from Australia, and both groups rated this as the best holiday and kiting set up that they had ever experienced. I would have to agree. And the beautiful thing is, so would my girlfriend! KITE SPECIAL- valid till end Sept 08 Flights from JHB or DRB Transfers 7 nights Breakfast and Dinner at Indian Hotel From R9990.00 p/p/s Information and Bookings: True Blue Surf and Adventure Travel 021 426 0881 ( CPT) 031 573 21 71 ( DRB) ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:50

by Basil Cambanis Sterkfontein Dam (affectionately known as Sterkies) situated near Harrismith (Free State Province) is held in high regard by sailors for it's frequent wind which is thermally driven thanks to it's location at the edge of the Drakensberg escarpment. There was much excitement a couple of weeks ago when the WindGuru lit up for Sterkies for the weekend of 30-31 August. There was a sudden floury of planning from kiters in Gauteng and KZN ahead of the big weekend, and diaries were cleared. There was a very good turnout on the weekend, with plenty of kiting during the day and socialising by night. The wind started slowly on Saturday, and gradually strengthened up until 11am when it suddenly kicked in at 30+ with gusts in the upper 40's. Rob Chrystal immediately unleashed some huge jumps that made everyone's jaw drop and Luke was also strong in this department. After a very solid day's kiting, everyone went up to the chalets to hit the showers and then relaxed with a drink. Bruce Chrystal arrived later in the day and laid down a few tracks of his own. In the evening, he then hauled out 3 massive pork knuckles and a poetjie which Jannic (kiteloop king) cooked to perfection for all. The party went on late into the night, which some regretted, as the wind wasted no time on Sunday and was howling 30+ from first light. It was colder on Sunday and most of us were kited out from the previous day, so after a few short sessions everyone left content with big smiles. From left to right : BACK ROW - Brian, Gerhard, Basil, Jannic, Bruce, Luke, Louis FRONT ROW - Chris, Anton, Brett, Warren Some of the causalities on Saturday : Louis's strained neck receiving attention from Brett, and Brian's trashed board from one of the jumps. Sipho in the van in good spirits as always. Wind a plenty and jumps galore - Rob doing his thing To give you some idea of how good the wind at Sterkies is : I installed a weather station there in March to build up data to do trend analysis and predict when the wind will blow, as it's over 300 km's to get there from Johannesburg. This revealed just how good the wind is there; there's been many days when it's blown 20+ this Winter and it's averaged 15+ knots over the past week between 10am and 4pm, yet there's been little or no wind in Johannesburg. Sterkies weather station : The prevailing wind starts off as a light Northerly and gradually swings NW and strengthens around 10am. Sterkies does not rely solely on cold fronts for wind, but they do exaggerate the thermal wind as they approach. Here's the top 10 windiest days there over the past few months; bear in mind that the weather station is located at the resort offices and under reads by as much as 20%. 2008 TOP 10 Date Wind Ave. Direction Gust Temp 1. 31/08/2008 13:45 33.8 NNW 43 BF9 15°c 2. 30/08/2008 14:15 31.9 NW 40.6 BF9 18.3°c 3. 01/09/2008 04:00 30.1 NNW 35.5 BF8 20.2°c 4. 08/07/2008 15:30 27.4 NW 34.2 BF8 18.6°c 5. 09/07/2008 12:15 24.7 NW 29.3 BF7 12.8°c 6. 04/07/2008 14:00 22.2 NW 26.6 BF6 17.1°c 7. 06/07/2008 14:30 21 NW 25.1 BF6 12.1°c 8. 01/08/2008 08:30 21 NW 24.3 BF6 19.3°c 9. 10/06/2008 14:00 19.4 NNE 24.7 BF6 12.9°c 10. 05/07/2008 14:00 19.4 NNE 23.5 BF6 13.2°c ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:45

By Carlo van Wyk How to sell more and spend less on advertising I've decided to write an article on how to advertise your kiteboarding business and products effectively by maximizing your ROI (return on investment) regardless of what medium you choose to use as your advertising vehicle - be it internet advertising, print advertising or any other means of advertising. The basics of advertising The more people you get walking through your shop, the bigger the chance that you will make a sale. Say for instance you get 100 people walking through your shop, it’s safe to assume that 10% would be interested in a certain product, and about 1% of that 10% will probably buy a product. So if you’re advertising in a magazine that sells 1000 copies a month, 30% of those people might take note of your ad on a certain page, 10% of those people might enquire, and 1% of that 10% will probably convert into a sale. The same principle applies to internet advertising. The problem with advertising Most people who advertise get a much lower return on investment than they should. It’s not uncommon to see someone spending several thousands of rands taking out a print ad in a magazine, only to get a 0% conversion rate (CR). Conversion Rate simply means the percentage of people or visitors that converted into actual sales from your advertising campaign. Similarly, people spend lots of money by advertising on the internet with no way of measuring conversion rate, and it is also very possible to have a 0% conversion rate by advertising on the internet. Traffic and visibility alone does not convert to sales. If you are advertising and don’t have a way to measure your conversion rate, you’re wasting money. Similarly, if you are measuring conversion rate but are not converting to any sales, you are not getting any return on your investment, which means you’re almost better off by not advertising in the first place. How to Advertise the correct way We’ve just learnt that having visibility in a magazine, or a banner ad on a website that sends people to your website is simply not good enough. In order to measure your ROI, you must have a way to measure the traffic that originated from your campaign. If it’s a banner click, you want to know exactly how many people clicked on that banner, what they did on your site, and on what page they clicked out. If you’re trying to measure leads coming from a magazine ad, it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to track, but with a little bit of planning it’s still entirely possible. Different ways to Advertise Banner Advertising on websites Advertising on some of your local kiteboarding websites is not only an effective way to get targeted advertising, but also very cost effective. Online advertising allows you to measure the success of your banner ad instantly. for instance allows you to change your ad as many times as you wish through an easy to use interface, meaning you can have many campaigns run over a certain period by simply updating your banner. Pros : -Cheap - Best bang for the buck -Excellent visibility. Your ad gets displayed over and over and over again, many times a day. -Not only is it the best bang for your buck, but internet advertising is also the most effective. -Targetted Because you are advertising on niche websites related to your industry, and even created around the area or country you live in, this form of advertising is targeted. The days of machine gun advertising in newspapers, billboards and magazines are over. -World Wide Reach The internet has much wider reach. You can reach a lot of people around the world for very little. -Effective With the help of google analytics and by using landing pages, you can measure the success of your campaigns with absolute precision. Cons : Make sure you advertise on a website with good traffic, if you advertise on a website with no traffic you are not gaining any visibility. Pay Per Click Advertising (such as Google Adwords) What is it? I’m surprised at how many people don’t know what it is. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. You register for a google adwords account, select a bunch of keywords you would like to target, bid a price on each keyword, write one or more text ads that you would like to associate with those keywords and select the country or even city that you would like the ads to appear in. You bid on the price for each keyword and only How does it work? When a user searches on google and matches one of the keywords you bidded on, your ad appears in the ads column on the right hand side of google. As stated above, you can target the ads to only appear in certain countries or even in certain cities. The higher the bid price per keyword, the higher your ads will rank. You can set daily cost limits too. Get started at Pros : - You only pay per click - Extremely targeted - Very effective Cons : To get effective results, you have to constantly monitor your ads and re-adjust bids. Can get expensive real quick, but managed properly, can be very cost effective, and done right can be the best ROI. Magazine Advertising One of the oldest ways to advertise. Can be good for brand awareness especially if done in magazines with high readership, but less effective than internet advertising. Pros : -Good for brand awareness -Can deliver glossy ads Cons : -Lowest ROI -High cost -Magazines have a much smaller audience than the internet -The visibility of your ads are poor, once certain pages are read the magazine is put away, and your ad no longer holds value. -Not as targeted as internet advertising. Measuring traffic and leads The first thing you need to do is to install Google Analytics on your website. It’s not only free, but it’s also the best tool out there to measure traffic, where they originated from, what they did on your site, and most importantly how many people converted into sales. Installing google analytics on your site is easy and can be done in a few minutes flat. Once you’re up and running don’t worry too much about how to use it – just start using it and you will get the hang of it in no time. >>Get Google Analytics Effective Marketing + Relevant Content and an easy to use website = Maximum ROI How to Measure Traffic Originating From Internet Advertising If you are running a banner ad on a website which promotes a new product that you want to sell, don’t send all the visitors to your homepage. Instead, send them to a product specific page (also known as a landing page) that is relevant to your ad, and make sure the text on that page is geared towards selling that product. Statistically, if a user can’t find what the link he clicked on said, he’ll be gone in 4 seconds. Some tips for creating effective landing pages : Make sure that the information you advertised is on your landing page, and that no additional clicks have to be made to obtain the information that was promised. Make your landing page as simple and clutter free as possible. Keep the information short and to the point. Every additional link you have on your landing page is a way for the user to click out. You want to focus the user on the end goal : the call to action. Have a clear call to action on your page. A call to action is an invite for the user to initiate an action. This could be to contact you for a free quote, get a 5% discount on his next purchase by contacting you, subscribe to your newsletter, or get you to contact them. Make sure it’s a clear, visible button, above the fold of the page. Have the same call to action at the bottom of the page for easy accessibility. How to measure leads and traffic coming from magazine ads If you’re running an ad in a magazine, measuring the leads and traffic is going to be a little different, but it’s still pretty easy to do. Make a landing page specific to this magazine ad If you are advertising your web page url, be sure to point to a specific page on your website that you created specifically for this ad. This page must not be linked from any other pages on your website, and shouldn’t be sent out to any other people. This way you can be sure that all traffic going to this page comes from the magazine ad. Offer a product discount and advertise a discount code in the magazine. This way, if people phone and want a discount they have to mention the discount code. How to measure conversion rates Now that you have a way to measure the traffic that originates from your advertising campaigns, the next step is to measure how many of these people initiated an action. In most cases you don’t really have to do anything, since you’ve already done most of the work. You should have a specific landing page on your site per product that you advertise for magazine ads, and for internet ads. If a user initiates an action on one of those pages, you will know on which page the action came from, and subsequently know from which advertising campaign the lead came from. If it’s from a magazine ad the page will be specific and unique to the magazine ad, and if it’s from an internet ad you can track where the clicks came from via Google analytics. A more accurate way to track conversion rates can be done within Google analytics by putting a script on the action page (such as your newsletter subscription page, contact page, etc.), but to keep things simple follow the above advice. Put a monetary value to every click and lead you receive. Remember that sales don’t always happen right away - so if you can’t sell right away, find a way to keep in contact with your customers. Let them sign up to your newsletter, claim a free discount, stand a chance to win a prize, etc. In time this effort will pay off and lead to more sales. This advertising model can be applied to any industry or business....

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:41

by Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod SMACK – The Ben Wilson Wave Riding Instructional DVD Run time: 50 minutes plus bonus material SMACK is the ideal addition to any kiting dvd collection. In just 50 minutes it covers everything you need to know about waveriding, from catching your first wave, to advanced moves such as aerials and tailslides. Although educational, the dvd steers far away from being a bland instructional. Music by iAlone provides the soundtrack for a kaleidoscope of sensational surf imagery that will have you aching to get on the water. The energy of the visuals is balanced well with Wilson’s straightforward explanations in each section. It’s like having him in your living room, his tone is conversational, and the instructions are completely accessible with everything being explained with a wide range of abilities in mind. Some essential sections covered include Gear, Safety, elements, hooked or unhooked, Catching your first wave, and tips for when it all goes wrong. Wilson also addresses the four main wind directions for wave riding, onshore, sideonshore, sideshore, and side offshore, as well as the three main types of break – reef break, point break, and beach break, so the DVD has value no matter where you do most of your kiting. Basic moves are explained, and for those looking to take their riding from fair to phenomenal, the advanced moves section covers some 13 new ones to add to your arsenal. For the brave who aspire to greater things, the ‘waves of consequence’ section gives vital info on safety and technique. Other useful sections include, fitness, packing tips, and boat launching. The dvd is a visual feast rich with all the good stuff, advice, music, and great cinematography. However, this is one feast that has serious kiting nutritional value, adding much needed bulk to anyone’s repertoire. SMACK is available from all major kiting stores, for more information visit ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:32

by Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod There are only two weeks left until the much-anticipated Sodwana Kitesurfing Festival, in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The event combines the beauty of Sodwana Bay – iSimangaliso Wetland Park, with superb kiting, product demos and festivities galore. The contest itself will be held at Sodwana Bay, North Beach and will take place from Thursday October 23 until Sunday October 26. Anyone who has gone before will be sure to tell you that you are in for a weekend of awesome kiting, matched only by the evening’s entertainment and antics. Rumour has it that a few liver tablets and a limber drinking arm are essential requirements for the trip. Brandhouse will once again be sponsoring and hosting the evening functions. The marquee will be situated at Pisces Dive Camp, which will be the central hub for the event. The tent is open to all contestants and spectators. Meals will be sold on the Friday and Saturday evenings, and prizegiving and entertainment will also take place on both Friday and Saturday nights. There will be a cash bar, as well as promotions on offer from Brandhouse (hence the aforementioned liver tablets). The festival offers competitive divisions for juniors (if you are 18 on October 23rd), novices (Anyone who thinks they are a novice), masters (35 on October 23rd), open (for the ‘main manna)’, and ladies (all). Cash, product and accommodation prizes are up for grabs at the contest. Other fun events are also on the cards, such as: downwind races, expression sessions, best trick, and king of the air. Entry is R200 which includes a T-Shirt and a finger dinner at the registration evening. Other activities are available for non-kiting partners or members of the family, and include horse riding (beach and nature reserve), quad bike riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, microlight flights, sunset boat cruises on Lake Sibaya, and open sea excursions. For a comprehensive list of accommodation, to be e-mailed entry details, or activity options please contact Melanie on 082-6511-870 or mail A full itinerary will be posted on ikiteboarding next week. Picture Credit: Bryan Baxter ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:27

by Carlo van Wyk I thought I'll let our readers know which articles are the most popular on If you want to nominate an article which you feel belongs on the list, please feel free to nominate in the comments section. Getting Back to The Roots of Kiteboarding Kiteboarding Lessons : 10 Reasons to Take Them 10 Tips to make your Cabrinha Crossbow rock How to Self Launch a Bow Kite The 7 Hottest Kite Babes in the World How to Jibe a Directional Speed Sailing : The Need For Speed South African Shop Guide Kite Maintenance : 10 tips Buying your first kite 7 Free Online Kiteboarding Magazines You Must Read Buyers Guide To Kiteboards How to self land your kite Kiteboarding Photography How to Rig Your Kite Kiteboarding Hand Signals Choosing a Surfboard Kiteboarding Mauritius Kiteboarding Witsands Kiteboarding Safety Guidelines Without the help of our readers, would never have grown so much over the years. It is the collective wisdom provided by the kiteboarding community, feedback, support and guidance from our readers and the friendships with all the great kiteboarders and people in the industry that makes this site what it is today. Thank you to our readers for making this site what it is....

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Presented by Jeep Apparel and the Independent on Saturday, this wave-riding festival takes place on the weekend of November 1 and 2 at Scottburgh main beach on the KZN South Coast. “Nerve Events is really proud to be staging the sixth edition of the South Coast Surf Carnival which has already attracted a host of the country’s top watermen and women to take part. We are encouraging others to enter before all of the slots are filled to avoid disappointment and also to book accommodation soon as it is a very busy weekend for the mid-south coast,” commented Paul Godwin, event organizer from Nerve Events. “Ok.” I hear you thinking, “But what’s in it for me?” I’ll give you six good reasons to get your hands on an entry form! 1. Opening night party - There is an official registration evening which will take place at Phatboyz restaurant on the beach at 18h00 on Friday October 31 – all the competitors get spoilt, in an stunning location right on Scottburgh’s main beach, that serves ice cold beers.. 2. Its easy - South Coast Surf Carnival entry forms are available from the Durban Surf Coffee Shop, Larmont Surf Shop and on or contact you can contact 3. You can make it a mini holiday -For accommodation listings please contact Paul Godwin on 031-201-2169 or 083-560-1185. Scottburgh has first class facilities with great restaurants offering fantastic sea views and a waterslide; there are also curio sellers in the vicinity and fast food outlets. 4. World class waveriders - This event will see the likes of Rob Chrystal (Umhlanga), Gavin Spowart (Westville), Alwin van Breda (La Lucia), Jason Wright (Ballito), Dave Pons (Umhlanga) and Bryn James (PMB) powering up. As per 2007 the event will be run as a wave riding event were the judging will be based on wave riding ability combined with risky moves. 5. Its anyone’s game – even though big names are in attendance, there are still plenty of kiters out there with the potential to seriously disrupt the pecking order. And to sweeten the pot –t he events total prize purse is a healthy 30k. 6. Longboarding and SUP – both sports will be contested, and showcased in the event, this means a buzzing beach with lots of people around to admire your abilities as a kiter! If there is a ‘no wind’ day – you can always get someone to show you a thing or two about SUPing – I know I’m going to, anyone else keen? In short, a great weekend on the beach! Who’s with me? Pic Credits: P. Godwin Nerve Events Bruce Chrystal ...

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Submitted by ikiteboarding on 04/15/2008 - 12:18

Hi all In a series of interviews with the owners of the top kiteboarding websites in the world, we decided to start out with Toby Braeuer, owner of - the biggest kiteboarding forums on the internet. How and when did kiteforum start? I started kiting in 2000, and since the information was very rare, I spent lots of time in a German forum looking and asking for info. My girlfriend meant I was wasting time, so I figured, if I run my own forum, it won't be waste of time and started in September 2001. Reading so many postngs about kitebeaches, when, where etc, I decided to launch in 2004 to have a database of kitebeaches around the world. And then I always wanted a place where I can upload my videos, and where others can upload theirs as well, so I launched a bit later. Which sites do you currently manage? How did being a website owner change your life? In the beginning it was a lot of work, without making any money from it. It was passion driven and was started as a hobby, never thinking to make any living with it. After some years the costs for servers and programming started to increase, so I accepted banners to cover the costs. And then I had to decide: going for it full force and make it a business, or keep it running on the side and go for a real job, I decided to try it and make a real job out of it. And now I'm very happy for that decision, I can stay anywhere in the world, so no more Germany during winter! Where is your favourite kiteboarding locations? Northeast Brazil and Mauritius. Best Part of the Job For me the best part is, that the sites help people to get more info and help for an awesome sport, for free. And many people are very thankful and appreciate the work that is behind it, so one knows that it is for a good cause, making people happier. And I get the chance to live anywhere in the world if I want to. Worst part of the job No holidays! I wish I could take one week off and don't worry about anything, just go kiting. Most popular post on Kiteforum Most Sexy Kite Picture, over 2 million views and thousands of replies. For more information on Toby and his sites, visit ...

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