So here I am in Italy… Work commitments have dictated that this year my European visit will be a tad earlier and that the summer will be spent somewhere else.

So for the first time in years, I am in the med wearing a full suit. Other peculiar thing is that because of the lack of users on the beaches during the winter around Rome, authorities don’t bother cleaning the beaches until late April. The result is that beaches look more like rubbish dumps than kiting beaches. Ostia (beach closest to Rome) was particularly bad. So you have to watch where you put your feet and land your kite.
However one positive thing is that the beaches are not limited until the 1st of may and there is no competition for beach space with Melanoma worshipers.

But coming from the remote beaches of Cannon Rocks, it is still quite a shock.

The Wind has been on the light side. I was hoping to find a little more. On one outing I did managed to use a 7m Swell which I brought along in an optimistic outburst. But I don’t think it is going to be a normal occurrence.
And when the wind blows, it gets busy in the water, even though the temperature is still pretty low! Also because wind always tends to be onshore. These pics are from the one decent session in Fregene near Rome.

Otherwise it’s been a lot of 11m and 15m Fury days. Takes a bit of time to get comfortable again with big kites. But it is either that or no kiting…
So the kites are big and so are the boards and one makes do with the dirty beaches.
Addictions need feeding!