13 Months ago Peter Petersen and Ralph Bachuster started filming their countless attempts to ride the best waves in South Africa.

Being two wave riding pioneers, it seems like their soul existence evolves around pushing the limits of wave riding and leading the wave riding movement in South Africa.

Along the way they filmed some of the best kiteboarders in the world at various locations in South Africa, and got some friends to help them. The cast includes Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten, Greg Thijsse, Kevin Langeree and Etienne Lhote along with themselves.

Snapshot features 17 chapters. Overall video production and editing is superb, with a whole array of South African musicians making up the soundtrack.
The DVD was a bit long to watch in one go, but we found that once you've watched it you skip to the individual chapters rather than watch from beginning to end again.

There's a good mixture of freestyle and wave riding in this DVD, with lots of different styles coming through from the various riders. There's definitely something for everyone in Snapshot.

Each chapter includes commentary by Greg Thijsse, Ralf Bachuster and Peter Petersen. Standout chapters include Ralf Bachuster’s wave riding at Cape Point, Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow and Kevin Langeree. Nick Jacobsen's kite skateboarding footage and Kevin Langeree's demonstration of how to walk on water exhibits a style of kiteboarding that we don't see every day and adds a nice touch to the DVD.

Snapshot deserves a place at the top of anyone's DVD list and comes highly commended. We certainly enjoyed it.

The DVD is NTSC and plays all regions. Available worldwide at most kite shops. More info at http://www.snapshotkitedvd.com