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Well done with a sweet looking website! It must have been a lot of effort to make the new ikiteboarding? I am still getting used to how it works. Now we just need users to start chatting I suppose? I think the layout is so different to what most people have been used to for a forum that it might take some time for people to get used to it.

Could I ask one favour? The text colour when you post a new topic is so light that I cannot read what I type. Could you change it possibly?

  1. kite_nomad

    Text color has been fixed, it was hard to read, especially on LED monitors, thanks for the heads up.

    The new site was definitely a bit of work ;) I had done something similar with a skiing website before so it went quicker this time round.

    It is very different than the traditional forum, think facebook, not forums. I've been meaning to post a "guide" of sorts on the forums/groups page outlining the new layout, hope to get to that this week.

    Would be awesome if people started posting more :D I'd like to build up the beaches in South Africa then people can post media to them. I don't know the kite scene there at all so I could use some advice on beaches to add.

    I'm not sure where you kite, but if you post some media to Durban Kite Beach for instance it will be on that page and get pulled into this group as well. Would be a good way to post events at beaches, post media to them and follow the beaches.

    Building up the user base is gonna be a slow process, but I'm plugging away at it. Already quite a few new users have registered, though not posted, and the old site didn't see any new registrations in weeks. I'll have the gear giveaways going in a few weeks and that should hopefully get some users posting again. I'm working to get a South Africa based contest going soon as well.

    As always thanks for the feedback!

  2. Christoff

    Where are you based? I always though ikiteboarding was South African based, even though it is a .com site?

    How do you check a person's profile in the new site? I like to find a persons name and where they are from so that I can try link a PC user to a person I might meet on the beach, or just to know where the person is from.

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Submitted Mon, 15 Jul, 2013, by
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