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This forum seems very inactive, but mainly a cape forum? The previous inland kiting forum is gone, so we started a new one and decided to try make it a national forum with categories for each region. Let us know if it is useful:

  1. Christoff

    Wow, that got a lot of traffic all of a sudden! Brian, you are right, more forums do dilute the traffic. I was worried about doing that, but the forum was mainly started for the inland guys that lost their previously useful forum. Since all the other forums seemed dead I thought that I might try to make a national one, but categorize it by area so people from each area can chat to their mates and get to know other locals. Maybe we will change the to an inland-only forum?Tim, what do you mean it hurts your eyes? Too bright, too cluttered? I want to get some tips for my forum. I quite liked the simplicity of the forum, but it just did not seem to attract a useful following, which will probably always be the case for coastal kiters. But I think the inland guys definitely benefit from a local forum to organize weekend trips and gauge how windy the season is so far.Christoff

  2. briansuntrax

    Personally think that in this case more is less, more forums are going to further dilute the little national forum communication that we already have.I would suggest that we all try to keep communicating through this one - it's also politically neutral ;-)

  3. bru

    I agree - we just need to get more people posting here ... This forum is politically neutral but it seems that there are just a handful of people posting onto it ... I believe that this is one of the oldest Kite Forums - Carlo started it in 1999 or 2000 and he did a great job of keeping it going up until he sold it a few years ago - Come on guys stick some pics and info up on the forum :)

  4. bru

    Brian - I think you have nailed it ... Forums are almost outdated there is far too much happening on Social Media ...

  5. timharper

    I'm sorry Bru, but just because it's been here for a long time, it does not mean that it needs to be continued.What we need in a forum is:- Non-commercial- Non-political- South African- Up to date forum software / No SpamAs an added bonus I'd put in:- Does not hurt your eyes (Sorry Christoff)- Works on mobileI appreciate what kite_nomad is trying to do on, but that is clearly aimed at being a magazine / editorial site which will inevitably be used for monetary gain. (Read ADS)I've punted as having all of the needs above on here before, but it seems like the SA kiting community is just not talking at the moment, which is a terrible situation to be in.

  6. bru

    Tim What I am saying is that this forum has stood the test of time - it was political it was commercial etc etc and that all got worked out - it has massive history - probably 10 years worth of posts and it is really well positioned - the new dev site I totally agree doesn't look great -Spam was a problem but that seems to be a bit more under control ...As it is now it is perfect - guys can have their say - put up new products - try and sell gear - not much more is required The SA Kite community has never had much to say on forums etc - probably casue the owes are out on the water :)

  7. briansuntrax

    What do you think the problem is? are more people using Facebook and Twitter to communicate their knowledge and opinions? or are people generally getting gatvol of so much electronic media?

  8. Ced

    Hi,Everyone has a point in this discussion, however, if one looks at some of the other world forums, you will still find a pretty active community.This one is pretty dead in comparison.I don't know what the answer is. The Platform needs to be used by all from users to Brands. So an open door policy has to be applied with some guidelines as to "in your face advertising" This Forum is way outdated and has been plagued by hackers and spam.Running a Forum takes time as the onslaught of spam and hacks is continuous and automated. I would Welcome a clean platform, but it would need to be run by someone who is not brand affiliated or at leasts accepts an "open" platform. Facebook in my opinion is dispersive. If there was a Forum that was pushed by all involved as the SA forum, I think we could get riders involved all over the country. But it would take everyone agreeing on the way forward… So far it's looking like everyone has different ideas.Ced

  9. Ced

    I do agree with you, and it's a pity as we are all stuck in little local enclaves. Communication is the biggest hurdle of South African Kiteboarding on many levels.However the only Forum that does limp along is outdated and not very user friendly.Ced

  10. bru

    Ced The biggest problem a SA Forum has is that the guys don't like to speak up - I have seen it for the last 10 years or so on this forum - guys can't be bothered or are just not interested - so changing the forum will not change that. Go to and see all the traffic that is on there - very very little comes out of SA - it is flat out with Americans and Europeans ...

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